An Allegorical Tale of Developing Leadership Skills in Business and in Life

The Monkey and the Maize is an allegorical tale that teaches core lifetime and business management principles through the life story of a monkey named Pete. As a young monkey growing up on the safe side of The Hedge, Pete longs for adventure, fame, and fortune, eventually leaving the security of his home to explore new horizons. Along the way, Pete becomes a husband, a father, and a business leader. New communities, characters and experiences present opportunities to learn management and life skills. Pete eventually reaches The City and is tasked with managing the critical shortage of The City’s primary resource. Pete is sent on a risky journey to find more resources and uncovers impending catastrophe heading toward his home community and The City. All of Pete’s leadership skills are tested as he races to save his family, his community, and even his foes from certain destruction.

Steven Marble is a lifelong entrepreneur and corporate leader with over thirty years of leadership experience. He completed his undergraduate degrees while owning a small business then transitioned to the corporate world and completed his MBA in 1999. Since that time, Marble has served in various leadership roles from General Manager to Vice President in fields from Customer Service to Human Resources to Operations, specializing in operational optimization and change leadership. He spent over 23 years in senior leadership roles for Scholastic Book Publishing and Charter/Spectrum; the last 14 were executive roles. Marble is a Christian and devotes his purpose to the teachings of Christ through word and deed. Steven has been married for 32 years and has three children and a grandchild. He lives in Jefferson City, MO.

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